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Business Management Firm

RISH Global is a distinguished company providing a comprehensive range of professional services, encompassing day-to-day bookkeeping, strategic investments in startup companies, and personalized consultancy. We pride ourselves on establishing direct partnerships with business owners, taking charge of crucial operations such as payroll management, profit and loss analysis, balance sheet maintenance, expense tracking, and tax compliance. Our team consists of seasoned consultants, each bringing unique expertise to support our clients' diverse needs. Whether you require expert accounting assistance, guidance in launching and incorporating a new venture, or efficient tax filing solutions, our firm is equipped with dedicated professionals who serve our valued clients with unwavering commitment and expertise on a daily basis.


"Rish Global's exceptional business management skills and unwavering commitment have been instrumental in the success of Indian Sizzler as a leading fast food restaurant. His strategic vision, operational expertise, and customer-centric approach have allowed the restaurant to thrive in a competitive market. Under Rish leadership, Indian Sizzler continues to delight customers with its delicious cuisine, excellent service, and vibrant ambiance."

Indian Sizzler Head Chef

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